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The universe is full of duplicates. Life's a constant waste of time. We waste at least two minutes every time we open an e-mail that we've already read, and on top of that, we're probably surfing the web for a second time. If this sounds familiar, then you're a candidate for Duplicate Cleaner, a compact and simple application designed to help you get rid of duplicates that have accumulated. You'll never know the difference in the end. One of the surprising possibilities of computers is the advancement of artificial intelligence. Over time, this trend was somewhat slowed down, but in some instances, it grew at an unmeasurable pace and soon, we might be able to develop machines that will perform specific tasks better than humans. Voice input and speech recognition will be the most powerful tools of the future, as well as talking heads that understand what you want them to say. But, despite the many possibilities, it is not the future that everybody is waiting for. While we're moving further into the future, we can't forget those who are already here, and there is a whole lot to know about them. In the near future, we may be able to read their thoughts, hear them talk or understand their language, although technology has not been this close yet. In 2006, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania developed a database of human brain scans that holds information about the neural connections of up to 20 subjects. The database is called the Human Connectome Project and some of its interesting facts and figures are: Since the brain consists of about one hundred billion neurons, each of which makes contact with others to communicate, it is impossible to calculate how many neural connections are made in the human brain. What is known, however, is that up to 3 trillion neural connections are created in the human brain during the development of an infant, but, at the end of childhood, only a fraction of these connections remain. The scientists estimate that, on average, there are about 40,000 synaptic connections between the neurons. These contacts can be observed as the glial cells, which cover the human brain and perform a number of functions, including the preservation and regulation of the brain. The human brain consists of six different lobes, with the right and left hemisphere having slightly different functions, although the differences are not as great as one might expect. The frontal lobe, for example, processes voluntary behavior, working memory, sensory and motor skills, while the prefrontal cortex has a a5204a7ec7

A fast, safe, and easy-to-use program for finding and removing duplicates in your computer. When you install this application, it will perform a whole-system scan for duplicate files on Windows platforms. You can also search for only duplicate files, including those from Windows-based software applications.You can view, preview, compare, delete, rename, and zip duplicate files in Windows Explorer as well. Other features of this program include an easy-to-use interface, Windows Explorer integration, a simple file manager, and a Windows Explorer bar to quickly show your results.Duplicate Cleaner Free Download... 7 free scanner & manager You can save your time and effort by the professional free scanner & manager. It is a powerful scanning and management tool. It has powerful features such as high quality of scanned images, OCR, and so on. It's easy to use and very powerful. 7 free PDF creator PDF Tech has come up with the free PDF Creator Tool. It is a powerful free tool which has the facility to create, edit, and convert the PDF files. It is an all in one PDF file creator which has the capability to convert the text and images into the PDF format. The PDF Creator tool has the functions to edit and modify the PDF files such as text, bullets, and so on. The tool is used to edit the contents of the files in the PDF format as per our requirement. 7 free photo editor To create a beautiful and professional-looking photo, you need professional photo editing software. Now, you can take advantage of the free photo editor! 7 free photo editor This powerful photo editor provides a very easy-to-use and powerful set of features. You can rotate, crop, and edit your photos - and it's free! This is free photo editor software that was designed to make creating and working with images quick and easy. 7 free photo editor It's a free program to create photo collages. It is a professional photo editing software which does not charge any fee or registration charges for the usage. It offers lot of enhanced and creative professional features which makes it very much convenient to use. 7 free photo editor This free photo editor software is incredibly fast and has the ability to batch crop and straighten images. It is a powerful photo editing tool that allows users to crop, straighten, rotate, and apply filters to images. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface

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